All the essentials for a happy & healthy dog
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Select the size of your dog



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All the essentials, delivered to your door

For starters

Join wagglepets today and we will send you a starter box with all the essentials for your dog’s stage of life. Plus we’ll get your pet insurance setup and we’ll include a dog activity tracker.

Every month

Each month we will send you all the food and treats your dog needs. You’ll receive the right amount to keep your dog well fed. Plus you’ll also receive other monthly essentials like dental chews, preventative treatments, accessories and even poo bags!

How much do you spend now?

Try our pet calculator to work out what you pay for all the essentials to maintain a happy, healthy pet. You might be surprised once you include everything from food and treats to grooming and dog sitters. Don’t forget insurance, preventative treatments and even dentistry. It all adds up – just another reason why joining wagglepets makes so much sense – much less hassle and savings too.

What does it cost?

Our monthly subscriptions are based on the size and type of your dog:

Trim & tiny


Small & dandy


Awesomely average


Big & beautiful


Gorgeously giant